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I am the author of the novel “Through It All” and the author of the nonfiction guidebook “How to Survive Law School: Year 1”.

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Through It All

Through It All by Giselle Mills

Andreide D’Averette is the average Caribbean teenager. She has cantankerous but loveable friends, annoying brothers, a listless father and an ambitious and hardworking mother. But the D’Averette household is soon disrupted when Andreide’s nosy and insensitive cousin and uncle come to stay. Andreide is far from pleased. Wanting nothing more than to have her family life returned to normal, her mother’s career flourishes suddenly and things become even more chaotic.


However, Andreide is distracted when the gorgeous Dominick Michaels arrives in town, the object of many girls’ affections. She is captivated by him upon making his acquaintance and their relationship soon blossoms. Andreide is delighted. To her joy, her family life also improves. But their happiness is short-lived. Andreide is soon confronted with the jealousy of her rivals, life-altering events for her friends and the revelation of a secret that may tear her family apart.


Set in the island of St. Kitts, Through It All touches and explores many modern-day issues prevalent in Caribbean life. The novel was most recently selected and used by the University of the West Indies as the main text for analysis for the Caribbean Civilisation course.  

Through It All by Giselle Mills

Other Books

How to Survive Law School: Year 1

How to Survive Law School: Year 1 is a hands-on survival guide for the first year law student comprising advice on a range of topics, including: 

  • student life issues 
  • preparation of assignments
  • networking
  • in-service training
  • how to study effectively
  • how to succeed despite failure 

Filled with tips and advice, this guide book also provides a source of encouragement for the struggling law student.